Buying a Diamond

At BUNDA we know buying a diamond can feel like an endless quest. The diamond engagement ring market presents vast choice, yet stones of diverse quality and integrity. Working with an esteemed source and steeped in experience and knowledge of the trade, we invite you to choose best possible diamond.

BUNDA is taking you on a journey of discovery where you can quickly understand what makes a beautiful diamond, what its grading is and what is good value.

Only a Bunda diamond

The diamond is the universal symbol of love and fidelity but the purity and quality of a stone begins with its source. Over a decade ago, BUNDA established a relationship with BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc. securing a supply of the worlds very best diamonds. This relationship built on dedication, rarity, trust and premium choice, forged our position in the international diamond business.

Choosing a diamond

The well known system of the Four C’s provides an excellent grading system there are many more factors that affect the value and beauty of a diamond and the generic diamond certificate does not have enough information to truly inform the jeweller or the buyer about the stone.

Over the past 20-30 years there has been a significant amount of scientific work in trying to understand how the cut of a diamond affects the performance of light: the Brilliance and fire in a stone, and BUNDA has always been at the forefront of these advancements.

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The 4 c's

The quality of a diamond is an equation conventionally divided by four categories of distinction. These are cut, colour, clarity and carat.

These standards help you select exactly the grade, style and value of the diamond you have set, but they are not the ultimate hallmarks of desire. Diamonds are living stones with compressed vital energy so their selection also needs a degree of intuition and personal judgment weighed against technical standards.

The balance struck with every diamond dwells in the rarity of each stone and its substantial quality given all of the elements involved. The true value of a diamond is the sum of its parts…plus magic that cannot be measured. Some stones simply speak to you more than others. They choose you.

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Buy with confidence

In love there is always risk, in diamonds we like to offer slightly less drama: especially when choosing your most important romantic investment.

By building secure supplies of the world’s very best diamonds, BUNDA controls the beauty of each stone by a strict process of selecting, cutting, polishing and ultimately setting every diamond in the best possible light.

Each BUNDA diamond is serialised and can be traced back to the original rough stone, giving a depth of quality and a security of standards that is globally respected and professionally verified.

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Bunda, a family history

Established in 1969 with a quest for the rarest and most refined antiques, BUNDA has evolved into a specialist source for exquisite handmade jewels. Deep knowledge and a good eye are required to select and lead in the world of fine objet d’art and at BUNDA we bring this essence into each bespoke piece we create. Great design in jewels is a synthesis of experience, aesthetics, rarity and well honed creative instincts.

At BUNDA we have carved our place in a competitive realm through deep knowledge, a dedication to quality and an even deeper passion for gems and fine jewellery.

Bunda History

the BundA experience

Fine things such as diamonds demand secure investment and sound choice. The selection of an engagement or bridal ring is a milestone luxury with a different boundary set by each individual. Making the most romantic statement based on the reality of your budget is something we respect.

We know this is a serious decision so we like to listen, and then offer you the benefit of years of experience in finding the very best quality for the best value by presenting beautiful rings in every category.

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