Fleur de Lys Diamonds

Modern classics intricately wrought from the ancient symbol of royalty

Romance the legend

Real personal style is built on talismans, a subtle language of private symbols and memories forged in singular pieces of striking beauty. 

The Diamond ‘Fleur De Lys’ collection is dedicated to the woman who treasures the moment and is drawn to modern classics. Intricately wrought from the ancient symbol of royalty and purity, this collection is distinguished by an exceptionally delicate diamond setting and metal work of the finest craftsmanship. Upon closer inspection the detail is the added reward of a complex execution of articulated diamonds in an exquisite setting.

Luxurious and unusual, each ring is a piece with all the hallmarks of an heirloom, yet comfortable to let its strong beauty shine everyday.

Beautiful Fleur de Lys Diamond ring on model's hand

A modern classic

Ben Bunda’s design concept for the Fleur De Lys collection was to take an iconic motif and adapt it to contemporary fashion.

The proportions of the collection are strong, with a bold geometry. Yet the setting of each precious stone is ethereal. In a meeting between Modernist form and the Organic lines of the Art Nouveau , the ‘Fleur De Lys’ spans the eras to be timeless. It is also a design that is wholly original, singular to BUNDA and mutable to every occasion from a private celebration or milestone ring to an anniversary or engagement gesture.

Purity and Passion

The interlocking petals and curling leaves of the “Fleur De Lys” dates as far back as Ancient Egyptian and Roman art yet came to International fame through the use of the French Royal Line. The Lily, long associated with Mary and the annunciation, is the pre-eminent symbol of purity and devotion.

The diamond, through Millenia, has shared the symbolic attributes of a blessed entity and the ultimate sign of fidelity and rare beauty. By linking the two, BUNDA have fused the poetics of history to the inspiration needed in modern times. Consider this design as wearable art: a powerful expression of creativity that defines its own heritage.

Rose gold Fleur de Lys diamond ring
fingers holding Fleur de Lys piece in progress

Expert Craftsmanship

Each piece of BUNDA Diamond Fleur De Lys we create we follow our key principles of design and proportion so to bring the power and elegance of each diamond to life. Precision in design and attention to detail from our artisan craftsman enables us to create pieces that feel like you are wearing a feather. With diamond-setting sitting at the core of our workshop each diamond bracelet is finished to the highest standard enabling a finish like no other.

Rose gold Fleur de Lys Diamond Ring on hand

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