Resizing, servicing & polishing


Maintain your most precious pieces by bringing them to BUNDA.

Day to day life can take its toll on your jewels. Keeping up to date with maintenance and inspections can help avoid larger repairs or having to replace stones.

Regardless of whether it is a BUNDA creation or another exquisite part of your collection, we have the expertise and capability to restore, refresh or remodel with deft skill and subtlety.

The BUNDA workshop

Skill and Experience are just the start.

With decades of experience at the hands of all of our workshop artisans, they not only pride themselves in creating some of the most iconic BUNDA pieces but also strive to produce the best workmanship from the simplest polish to the most technical repair.

Bunda Craftsmanship

Overview of Services

Some of our common requests

Workshop Polish


A workshop polish is where you bring your ring(s) in for a detailed setting check where we identify wear and tear along and check all diamond settings. We then do a full re-polish of the ring to finish as new.


We recommenced a workshop polish every 3 years for engagement and wedding rings however finer rings with many small diamonds set in the shank we recommend every 2 years.


$125 Diamond Engagement Ring or Equivalent

$95 Eternity Ring

$85 Wedding Band

Ring Resize


Rings need to be re-sized from time to time as peoples finger size change. A ring too tight or loose is generally not worn due to a lack of comfort and security. Re-sizing is a delicate procedure and something we take great pride in at BUNDA bringing your ring back to a size that you can comfortably wear while also being secure.


As required.


Down < 2 sizes
$190 18ct Gold, $220 Platinum

Up < 2 Sizes
$240 18ct Gold, $270 Platinum

Tighten Stone


For diamond or gemstone set rings that are worn daily there can be a time where one or more claws can bend, wear down or even break. This generally can happen when a ring constantly rubs against leather or in some cases metal (think of a zipper inside a handbag).

The most common case in this situation is when the claw bends slightly and the stone can appear to be loose and have a little rattle. At this stage we need to tighten the stone and check all the claws for further damage and possible re-tipping.


As required.


Tighten Stone - $100

Re-Tip Up to 4 Claws
$685 18ct Gold, $785 Platinum

Pearl Stringing


Pearl re-stringing and cleaning is another important service required periodically especially with larger Australian South Sea and Tahitian Pearl strands. Over time a pearl strands knotting will stretch and the pearls can appear to be loose; ie sliding along the cord.

Pearl strands can also become dull with perfume and make up residue, so we clean each pearl during the process of re-stringing.


For large pearl strands (pearls over 10mm in size) we recommend restringing (Knotted) every 3-5 years.


Classic Length 16-18 inches
$90 (Knotted), $60 (un-knotted)

Opera Length 32-35 inches
$140 (Knotted), $120 (un-knotted)

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