The 'Tanara' collection is inspired by the prima ballerinas of the Ballet Russe of the early Twentieth Century. Their beauty and elegance has been translated into a collection that combines vintage influences with clean, modern lines.

At the heart of this collection is a series of diamond jewellery set with round brilliant diamonds in octagonal frames making the most sophisticated diamond line bracelets and eternity rings. Gemstones with intense colour are framed with concentric rows of diamonds set into delicate ring settings that dazzle on the hand.

A collection for those who love glamour with impact.

'Tanara' Green Sapphire and Diamond Ring
'Tanara' Ruby and Diamond Ring
Ruby and diamond ring in platinum, featuring an oval cut ruby, surrounded with two rows of round brilliant cut diamonds.
'Tanara' Black Opal & Diamond Ring
'Tanara' Spinel and Diamond Ring
Power and grace was the stock and trade of the Baller Russe in the early 20th Century. Subtle, intricate and elegant.